The Best Way to Save On Your Monthly Bills WITHOUT Switching Services (It's Genius)
Did you know that most of us here in the United States are being overcharged on our bills? In fact 9 out of 10 Americans are overpaying on their bills!
We've all been hit pretty hard by the pandemic, and like countless others My girlfriend and I searched for ways to save money on literally everything.
We did everything we could to lower our other expenses including takeout and even stopped our Netflix subscription to help ease the financial stress.
A buddy of mine from college Anton, recommended a service called Bill Genius that could help us lower our monthly recurring bills, and save money!
- Americans are overpaying by $60 Billion every year on their bills
Anton was always the skeptical type, so I know, if he's recommending something then we know it MUST be good. Thankfully, we listened to Anton, and Bill Genius came through for us and they managed to save us over $1,000 on 3 of our bills.

So, what is Bill Genius?

Bill Genius helps people like you and I, get the best possible deal on your recurring bills by negotiating on your behalf, with your service provider. 
For example: Let's say you're with Verizon, SiriusXM & T-Mobile.

Bill Genius will contact those service providers on your behalf to negotiate a better deal - NO Switching Service Providers - NO Up-front Cost! 
- The average customer saves $1,000 or more when uploading 3 or more bills.
My girlfriend couldn't believe it when they notified us on how much they saved us. 
We saved a total of $1127.14 over a 24 month period!

Looks like we can connect our NETFLIX again :)
Imagine, what you could do with the extra money back into your pocket? 
"I didn't think they would save me a nickel, and $403.00 later. I'm a happy guy! - Riley"

How does Bill Genius work?

It's really simple, just snap a photo or scan your latest bills and upload them for Bill Genius to review.

1. Sign up for Bill Genius using an ACTIVATION CODE
2. Create a FREE Account & Upload a photo of your bills.
3. Bill Genius will send you an email at every step of the process.

Here is the step-by-step process below
At every step of the way Bill Genius is there walking us through each step of the process
The Process Breakdown:

- Welcome to Bill Genius Email
- Assigning a Negotiator
​- Negotiator Introduction (Yes, they're Real People!)
​- Negotiation Progress
- Total Amount saved
- The Date your savings take effect
- A Detailed Breakdown of the negotiation/savings

How much money can I save?

There's so many factors to take into account, the best way is to upload as much bills as you can. The more bills you upload the better.
On average people who upload 3 or more bills usually see a savings of $1,000. 
However results will vary individually. We saved the most because we've never negotiated on our bills before. Like most we just had the normal standard advertised rate.
Run a business? Bill Genius can help you lower those recurring bills as well! 

How will I receive the negotiation savings?

After Bill Genius has worked their magic, your provider will apply those savings to your bill in the next billing cycle.

What is the Bill Genius fee?

You ONLY pay if Bill Genius can save you money! If they cannot save you anything at all then that simply means, you have the best rate/option possible.

If they DO help you save money, they will ask for 50% of the savings - which is fair IMO!
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Remember, Bill Genius does ALL the Work & Negotiation FOR YOU for FREE. (Up-Front)

Which bills can be negotiated?

- TV/Cable
- Internet
- Mobile Phone
- Home Security / Monitoring
- Power/Electricity
- Land line / Home Phone
- Satellite Radio
- Waste Management / Trash Pickup
- Pest Control
- Lawn Care
- Bottled Water Delivery
- Propane / Heating Oil

And Much More..

Ready to save some money on these services?


Since the publication of this article, Bill Genius representatives have contacted us to inform our readers that many of the activation codes have been claimed and that the offer will soon expire.

Act now, as these codes may already be gone! >> HURRY, Don't Miss Out!

Can I negotiate bills myself?

Yes sir, you certainly can negotiate on your own bills, by all means do so if you're confident.
We just left it up to the experts at Bill Genius.
They're trained negotiators who know how to negotiate the best possible rate efficiently and effectively better than my girlfriend or I.
After uploading our bills, we just sat back, put our feet up and relaxed while Bill Genius went to work for us - No Stress, No Hassles!

Bill Genius has saved customers over $7M in Total and there is no cost to get started!

What happens once you upload your bill to Bill Genius?

Once you upload your bills to Bill Genius, a "Genius" starts the process of negotiating the bills you sent. 

They contact the service provider. After this, you will receive an email or phone call, letting you know if the negotiation was successful.
You will receive:

- Welcome to Bill Genius Email
- Assigning a Negotiator
​- Negotiator Introduction (Yes, they're Real People!)
​- Negotiation Progress
- Total Amount saved
- The Date your savings take effect
- A Detailed Breakdown of the negotiation/savings
You receive an invoice via email shortly after the successful negotiation of a bill. 
If Bill Genius is unable to lower your bills, no charge occurs. 

Does the Editorial Team recommend Bill Genius?

Definitely Yes! We cannot recommend it enough. Bill Genius has allowed everyday Americans like you and I to access savings we never thought possible.

I have to say a huge Thanks to Anton (If you're reading this buddy - see you on RAID!)
Remember, you only pay if they save you money. NO Upfront COST! All the work for FREE... It’s honestly worth it..
These 4 people also saved with Bill Genius - Total Savings $3967.76

So, how do I sign up for Bill Genius?

That's very simple! Easy as 1, 2, 3
 STEP #1. Claim your FREE Activation Code Below
 STEP #2. Create Your FREE Account & Upload your Bills
 STEP #3. Sit back and let Bill Genius do all the work for you
It's that easy!
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